Value Statement

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Wealth Management Strategies: Value Statements

Value Statement One: We specialize in guiding our clients through the retirement transitions that occur before, during, and after retirement. Helping clients consider topics such as when to retire, when to claim social security, designing a monthly paycheck, securing health and long-term care insurance, measuring and managing risks of longevity, inflation, interest rates, housing, marital status, family care, portfolio performance, budgeting and spending, and, most of all, having fun.

Value Statement Two: We focus on the entire financial picture for our clients, not just their investments. We put particular emphasis on helping clients minimize their tax burden and risks, protect their assets, manage their business, and preserve their assets. We also structure investments for clients who are retiring, to provide tax-efficient income.

Value Statement Three: We work closely with clients to develop a plan that will assist them in achieving their long-term goals with the least possible stress along the way—and then help them stick to that plan, which is actually the hardest part. As Warren Buffett has said, “It only takes two things to succeed as an investor: first, having a reasonable plan and, second, sticking to it—and that it’s the sticking-to-it part that most investors struggle with.”

Value Statement Four: We serve as an emotional anchor for clients. As their trusted consultant, we attempt to keep the highs from being too high and the lows from being too low. As a result, we strive to help clients avoid the mistakes that cost them money. A good example is the research that shows most investors significantly underperform with the investments they own because they buy and sell at exactly the wrong time.

Value Statement Five: We use the same approach to investing as sophisticated pension plans and high-net-worth investors. We specialize in building broadly diversified portfolios for clients using managers with a consistent track record of outperformance over time. By rebalancing portfolios on a regular basis and sticking to our discipline, many of our clients have achieved performance above the market as a whole, with less volatility along the way. (Past performance is no guarantee of future results.)

Value Statement Six: We enjoy working with allied professionals. As a result, we are a leading authority at developing a deep understanding of the key issues of wealth management. We have also built a network of accountants, lawyers, insurance representatives, and other professionals who focus on this area and bring special expertise.